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My property was repo in early 90's. I think it was 1990 or 1991. Contact from BBS was made in 1995 at address(1) and due to my then circumstances, the matter was not settled and left for further review as I moved to address (2). Moved back to address(1) and now have recetly applied for a remortgage and feel finacially stable with a wife and a new born. The mortgage with BBS was in joint names and the other party is now abroad. As far as I am aware I advised them I could not pay them anything in 1995/1996 as I was unemployed. Does this mean I acknowledged the debt ? They (Drydens)are now asking me to contact them to discuss. Should I disappear again or is there another solution. Does the 6 or 12 year limitation apply to my case as the contact was made in 1996 and the property was repossessed in 1990. Where can I get some help. I am thinking of becoming unemployed but I do have some assets. What should I do? Can anyone help?


-- Mr A Patel (, December 02, 2003

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