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I have just started rowing and am so excited about it! I am looking for a used scull, clubs in the area, other rowers and locations to row. If anyone can help me get some information, I would greatly appreciate it. I rowed all summer, up north , on a Canadian made Paluski 17'--fell in love with the sport. Thanks.

-- Diane O'Neal (, December 01, 2003


Diane- I've also become interested in the sport again recently and have been researching south-Florida resources. I have discovered three of interest; Naomi Schechter hosts a camp in Wellington which is west of West Palm Beach; Her camp runs from Dec- 19th through the spring. We have spoken on the phone once or twice on the phone, but our schedules may not mesh until after the first of the year. She also directed me to the Palm Beach Rowing Association located on Lake Mangione just east of I-95 in WPB, and I've spoken to Hank Lumb who is most enthusiastic about their casual club and its facilities. =00048000001029341940000198

There is also a tongue-in-cheek play on some of their more radical members involved as "rolodex-rowers" at;

I have also researched another very active facility down in Miami at the head of Indian Creek on Biscayne Bay, but have yet to contact anyone;

I'm attempting to interest my wife in the sport, and am considering the various craft and their merits, but will hold out until I learn if we can learn together!!! A double at this time may require a bit more cooperative effort than we're able to enjoy right now!

-- Dale Raymond (, December 02, 2003.

Hi Diane, I am a rower in Miami Florida. There are a couple of rowing clubs down here, one of which is on Key Biscayne right next to the old marine stadium, another in Miami Beach. The are also a bunch of independent rowers that you will find rowing various types of boats throughout Biscayne Bay as well as the Keys. Also, we have an open event every February called the Keys Row, which falls on Presidents Day weekend. It's a great time, and a great way to meet rowers from the area, as well as try new boats. (see You'll find S. Florida an amazing location for rowing. ENJOY!

-- Cork (, December 26, 2003.

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