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I realize this is basically an old retail coffee store product display fixture. And I assume it was used to dispense coffee (several decades ago). Would it be an antique?

I am additionally interested if there is more to tell about such an item... Is it considered a collectible that I should hold on to for another couple of decades?

I wonder if these things had an actual name for these types of German canisters. I would like to find any information regarding their use and history. Here is a URL to a picture of one of them:

Thanks! DK

-- DK Smith (, December 01, 2003


I have a glass jar which is turned upside down and screwed into a metal dispenser. Fill jar with coffee screw on dispenser turn upside down. Hang on the wall and when you want coffee you slide the knob to the right for 1 tablespoon - slide back to the left and another tablespoon. This unit has not markings on it as to a brand name or serial number.

I am looking to see if I can find a brand name or some information on this item.

-- pam webb (, April 24, 2004.

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