ĐẢNG CSVN VẪN NI..VIỆT-NAM KHNG C T NHN TN GIO ????.... Danh sch cc TU-SỸ bị t ny .C phải v họ khng theo thuyết CỘNG-SẢN V THẦN ??

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TRCH THEO TIN CỦA.. Duoctudo Junior Member Posted 11-29-2003 07:45 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIỆT CỘNG NI KHNG C T TN GIO

Những Nh t, Trại t Lao động đang giam cc vị tu sỉ, nhn vin lm việc trong cc Tn gio

_Bản n cao nhất "Chung Thn Khổ Sai"

Trại Ba Sao, huyện Phủ L, H Nam Ninh Trại Z30A, huyện Xun Lộc, Đồng Nai Trại A20 lng Xun Phước, huyện Tuy Ha, Ph Yn Trại 5, Đơn Vị 25, huyện Thiệu Yn, Thanh Ha Trại K1/Z30, huyện Hm Tn, Thuận Hi Nh t Ch Ha, Saigon Nh t Phan Đăng Lưu, Saigon Nh t Qung Ngi Nh t Ph Yn, Sơn La Nh t Hạnh Thin, huyện Nghĩa Hạnh, Qung Ngi Trại Katum, Ty-Ninh

_Dưới đy l danh sch những Tu sỉ đang bị quản chế nơi cư ngụ sau khi ra t v đang bị cầm t . Cng với một số danh sch cc nhn vin được biết tn.

_V l do ti liệu qu di, chỉ trch tn được biết theo l lịch của nhn vật, ngy bị bắt, mang bản n, trại t .

_Ngoi ra, cn nhiều nhn vật v danh đ tranh đấu cho Tự Do Tn Gio đang bị cầm t, nhưng chưa được tm ra danh tnh v những nơi bị giam.

Phật Gio: 1. Thich Huyen Quang: 2. Thich Quang Do 3. Thich Khong Tanh 4. Thich Nhat Ban 5. Thich Tri Luc 7. Thich Hai Hung. 8. Thich Hanh Duc 9. Thich Thien Tho 10. Thich Tri Tuụ 11. Thich Hai Thinh. 12. Thich Hai Chanh 13. Thich Hai Dan. 14. Thich Hai Lac. 15. Thich Hai Tang 16. Thich Nhat Lien. 17. Thich Tue Sy 18. Thich Tri Sieu 19. Thich Nguyen Giac. 20. Thich Phuc Vien. 21. Thich Thien Tan. 22. Thich Minh Su 23. Thich Tri Giac 24. Thich Tam Can 25. Thich Tam Tri 26. Thich Nguyen The 27. Thich Hai Tri 28. Thich Thanh Tinh 29. Thich Tri Giac. 30. Thich Hue Dang. 31. Thich Nguyen Lỵ 32. Thich Lang Quynh. 33. Thich Nhu Dat 34. Monk Do Huy Cuong. 35. Layman Pham Van Due 36. Thich Nguyen Nhu 37. Thich Quang Ton. 38. Thich Tam Van 39. Thich Nguyen Thinh 40. Layman Nhat Thuong 41. Laywoman Dong Ngoc 42. Thich Nguyen Man. 43. Thich Dong Hoa 44. Thich Huyen Van. 45. Thich Hanh Duc 46. Monk Do Ngay 47. Monk Hoang Son 48. Monk Ngo Van Hua 49. Monk Nguyen Viet Hoc 50. Monk Nguyen Van Hoa 51. Monk Nguyen Huu Phuoc 52. Monk Nguyen Phi Hung 53. Monk Nguyen Minh Cuong 54. Monk Phan Van Du 55. Monk Phan Van Vinh 56. Phan Van Lai 57. Tran Dai Minh 58. Tran Quang Minh 59. Tran Thanh Son 60. Vo Van Chinh 61. Monk Nguyen Van Tho 62. Monk Nguyen Van Hoang 63. Monk Nguyen Van Trung 64. Monk Tran Van Tu 65. Thich Minh Dao 66. Thich Huyen Tham 67. Thich Kien Giac.

Cng Gio:

1. Father Chan Tin 2. Father John Dosco Pham Minh Tri 3. Father Juda Tadedo Dinh Viet Hieu 4. Clergyman John Ende Mai Duc Chuong. 5. Clergyman Paul Nguyen Chau Dat 6. Brother Pius Vu Thanh Dat . 7. Clergyman Bernard Nguyen Viet Huan. 8. Clergyman Michael Nguyen Van Thin. 9. Sister Tran Thi Tri 10. Father Nguyen Van De 11. Sister Nguyen Thi Ni 12. Reverend John B. Pham Ngoc 13. Brother Nguyen 14. Brother Mai Duc Chuong 15. Father Dominic Tran Dinh Thu 16. Brother Bernard Nguyen Thien Phung . 17. Father Mai Huu Nghi 18. Father Do Chi Tam. 19. Father Doan Phu Xuan 20. Father Dominic Ngo Quang Tuyen 21. Father Tran Huu Thanh 22. Ly Van Dinh, Catholic preacher of the Hmong community 23. Vang Seo Sang, Catholic preacher of the Hmong community 24. Sung Khai Pha: Catholic preacher of the Hmong community 25. Ngo Van An 26. Le Xuan Son 27. Lau Si Phuc 28. Nguyen Van Dan 29. Nguyen Huy Chuong 30. Rev. Le Thanh Que 31. Rev. Nguyen Dinh De 32. Rev. Nguyen Loc. 33. Father Nguyen Van Ly

Tin Lnh:

1. Pastor Nguyen Lap Ma (Christian Missionary Alliance, CMA) 2. Pastor Kon Sa Ha Hak: Heađpastor of 10,000 Christians in the K'Ho montagnard tribẹ 3. Hoang Van Phung: Evangelist 4. K'Manh: Evangelist of the K'Hor montagnard tribe 5. To Dinh Trung: Evangelist of the K'Hor tribẹ 6. Tran Van Vui: Evangelist. 7. Nguyen Van Loi: Evangelist 8. Tran Thi Dong 9. Vo Minh Bang 10. Nguyen Gia Phai 11. Pham Van Gam 12. Nguyen Van Vuong: Christian worker 13. Lo Van Hen: evangelist of the Tai minority group 14. Lo Van Hoa: evangelist of the Tai minority group 15. Ho Van Duy: Christian lay leader 16. Ho Van Dung: Christian lay leader 17. Ho Van Truong: Christian lay leader 18. Nguyen Duc Loi: Christian lay leader 19. Nguyen Gia Phai: Christian lay leader 20. Ha Vo La: Christian lay leader 21. Dinh Quang: Christian lay leader 22. Ho Hoang Duy: Christian lay leader 23. Dinh Be: Christian lay leader 24. Nguyen Chi Phai: Christian lay leader

Phật Gio HA HẢO

1. Nam Liem 2. Le Minh Triet . 3. Tran Huu Duyen 4. Nguyen Van Dau 5. Nguyen Van Hung 6. Nguyen Van Tren 7. Nguyen Van Dung 8. To Ba Ho 9. Doan Van Nay 10. Le Van Son 11. Nguyen Van Phung 12. Nguyen De 13. Huynh Van Lau 14. Nguyen Van Bao 15. Nguyen Van Khiet 16. Nguyen Van Oanh 17. Le Chon Tinh 18. Nguyen Van Coi 19. Nguyen Van Ba 20. Nguyen Van Ut 21.To Ba Ho 22. Nguyen Thanh Long


1. Huynh Van Thang 2. Tran Van Khoa 3. Vo Van Liem 4. Duong Xuan Luong 5. Cao Si Dung 6. Ven. Do Hoang Giam 7. Nguyen Manh Bao 8. Ven. Tran Thanh Danh 9. Tran Minh Quang 10. Dinh Tien Mau 11. Nguyen Thai Dung 12. Doan Van Bach 13. Nguyen Anh Dung 14. Truong Phuoc Duc 15. Nguyen Ngoc De 16. Vo Van Thang 17. Ho Huu Khanh ==================================================================== Danh sch ở trn chỉ l một phần nhỏ được biết sau mn sắt của cộng sản.

Trong danh sch chỉ l những nhn vật c tiếng. Cn những vụ chnh quyền cộng sản khủng bố b mật. V khi cộng sản bắt người lảnh đạo, th c nhiều người khc bị lin lụy theo .

Như trường hợp của Cha Nguyễn Văn L với 3 người chu v những người khc khng được ni đến.

Một trường hợp khc, từ Trung Ương ra lịnh bắt Thượng Toạ Thch Như Đạt, ngy 7-12-1994 tại Huế . Bị bắt cng với ngi l 12 vị Ho thượng. Đến nay vẩn chưa biết số phận của họ! [#33. Thượng Tọa Thch Như Đạt, danh sch Phật Gio]

-- Ng-V-Nam (tosu_cs@yahoo.com), November 30, 2003


Response to ĐẢNG CSVN VẪN NÓI..VIỆT-NAM KHÔNG CÓ TÙ NHÂN TÔN GIÁO ????.... Danh sách các TU-SỸ bị tù này .Có phải vì họ không theo thuyết CỘNG-SẢN VÔ THẦN ??

Government crackdown on Buddhists

The Vietnamese Constitution guarantees freedom of worship for people of all faiths, but in fact religious life in the country is tightly controlled.

Vietnams Buddhists have just been given a Kafkaesque reminder of this.

Stephen Crittenden presented this program on The Religion Report, for the ABCs Radio National.


The Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, which represents 80% of the Vietnamese population, has been persecuted for some twenty years, with its property confiscated, and its leaders held under house arrest.

Recently there were signs of reconciliation. Earlier this year, a number of senior monks were released from detention, and the Prime Minister met with the Unified Buddhist Church leader Tich Huyen Quang on national television. The politician told the church leader that twenty years of repression had been a mistake on the part of local authorities, and that things were about to be put right.

Abrupt about-face

So on the 1st October, the Buddhist Church leadership convened an assembly, where they decided to restructure the organisation, and to appoint overseas leaders to the churchs Council of Sages.

But this gesture of independence was too much for the government, and on the 9th October, security forces arrested the leaders and charged Tich Huyen Quang with passing on state secrets, sabotaging state institutions, and conspiring to receive assistance from abroad.

The ailing 86-year-old monk is now once again being held in solitary confinement under house arrest.

International protests

Thirty-one European Members of Parliament and thirty-seven United States Congressmen have petitioned for his release, but no official representation from the Australian government has yet been made.

Professor Carl Thayer is a seasoned Vietnam watcher; hes also Professor of Politics at the Australia Defence Force Academy in Canberra. He talks to David Rutledge about whats driving the Vietnam governments persecution of the Unified Buddhist Church.

Carl Thayer: Theyre a pebble in the shoe, a continued irritant. The Communists in Vietnam believe in whats called mono-organisational socialism that is, the Communist Party should control all organisations, and the Communist Party should determine (them).

Therell be just one Buddhist group, one Catholic group, one this, one that, and also control it.

And the UBCV has been a thorn in their side for several decades. Although theyve arrested the leaders, they havent taken extraordinarily repressive measures to put the large number of Buddhist followers in jail. That would be just too unpopular and provoke massive discontent.

So its a festering problem, and I think the new Secretary-General, who has long experience in the National Assembly, has tried to broker reconciliation on the regimes terms with the Buddhists.

He may have overplayed his hand, and he certainly got a conservative backlash.

David Rutledge: Lets talk about the backlash; lets talk about what happened last month, because of course Tich Huyen Quang and Tich Quang Do are now both once again under house arrest. What happened last month?

Carl Thayer: Well last month, following this period of having been on national television, and having other officials released from house arrest, the Buddhists had held the first open assembly in the country, declared they were going to change the leadership and structure, and had made overtures to Buddhists living overseas.

Having had their meeting without any problems with security forces, they got in their car, a van, and set off for Ho Chi Minh City. They were stopped twice, both in Binh Dinh Province where they were, and once they were released after a ten-hour standoff they proceeded down the road, and local provincial authorities intercepted them.

They were searched, interrogated, charged with espionage, and this seemed to turn the clock all the way back to before the April meeting with the Prime Minister. Because at that meeting, Prime Minister Khai stated that the problems the Buddhists encountered were due to local officials, and they would be solved shortly.

Well, between April and October, they werent solved, they got worse.

David Rutledge: Its interesting you mentioned there was a spontaneous demonstration in Binh Dinh Province when the security officials tried to stop the entourage. Is that the sort of thing that always happens in these situations, or is there evidence there of a growing popular opposition to the government?

Carl Thayer: Oh no, if we go back to the early 1990s, when a Buddhist follower burned himself to death, self immolated, in Hue, the old imperial capital, on the grounds of a Buddhist temple, there was an unseemly tussle with police forces and the local Buddhist monks and when they were called in for interrogation, thousands of Buddhist followers showed up.

And as I was indicating earlier, although its an authoritarian regime that has repressed the leaders and repressed the church, its had to use kid gloves with the larger membership, because it would provoke widespread discontent.

So the emergence of these supporters is an indication that the Buddhists do have an organisation, and that under the changed circumstances, the slight liberalisation in Vietnam, theyre quite willing to stand up to protect their own officials.

David Rutledge: So why the on-again-off-again approach to religious freedom? Is this evidence of a power struggle within the government between reformers and hardliners?

Carl Thayer: Yes, well, Vietnam, although its a Communist state, its not a unified Communist Party. For geographic and other reasons, it has an extraordinary way of ensuring representation from across the country, and that leads to a pluralism of views.

And it also means one section can be highly liberalised and exposed to the West, and another section can be just from the rural areas and not have this exposure, and so that interpreting and agreeing on policy every now and then sees this tussle between so-called conservatives and so-called reformers, liberals, emerging on issues like this.

It could be seen that the Prime Minister may have been going too far in this reconciliation. Alternately, when he was re-elected for a five-year term, it was rumoured he agreed to step down around now, so those who want to stake a claim to take the Prime Ministership may be trying to embarrass him and his supporters, in order to be a stalking horse for a more conservative candidate.

David Rutledge: Was there also something about the fact that the UBC leaders made overtures to Buddhists living overseas, that provoked the backlash?

Carl Thayer: Definitely. I think there was either a misunderstanding here, or some disingenuity going on. After the Tich Huyen Quang met the Prime Minister, he set about trying to bring in outsiders, and to Vietnam as in its problems with the Catholic church and the Vatican the appointment of outsiders, or having outsiders involved in local religious groups, is something that the Communist regime doesnt countenance.

And so this rather imaginative move to change the Council of Sages and Advisory Councils by including Buddhists overseas, without asking for State permission, would from the UBCs point of view be a pure sign of autonomy and independence. But from the regime side and this was one of the charges they had made subversive contacts overseas.

David Rutledge: How much pressure is coming to bear on the government from Australia?

Carl Thayer: Well, the current government makes the argument that they dont engage in megaphone diplomacy and theyre absolutely right, because we havent heard a peep. It would be raised privately through diplomats, and unless theres a domestic outcry by the Vietnamese community in Australia, one wouldnt expect the Foreign Minister to say much about it and if he would, it would be a general comment.

So basically in stark contrast, I think, to the previous government, where there was an attempt to have a specific dialogue on human rights the current ones prefer it softly-softly, no megaphone diplomacy, so that theres not that public support for the Buddhists that is found in the American Congress or the European Parliament.


-- VC-Hanoi Government crackdown on Buddhists (Communist@ThitCho.com), December 01, 2003.

Response to ĐẢNG CSVN VẪN NÓI..VIỆT-NAM KHÔNG CÓ TÙ NHÂN TÔN GIÁO ????.... Danh sách các TU-SỸ bị tù này .Có phải vì họ không theo thuyết CỘNG-SẢN VÔ THẦN ??

Nghi vien Chau Au va Quoc Hoi My xuyen tac nghiem trong tinh trang tu do ton giao o VN. Hien nay nguoi dan VN dang duoc huong quyen tu do ton giao hon bat cu nuoc nao khac tren the gioi.Neu noi rang VN vi pham tu do ton giao thi dua ra bang chung cu the coi,thang Ng Dam Nam cho de ,xin nhac cho may nho nhung tai lieu cua may chi co tinh chat 1 chieu duoc dung len boi bon phan dong hai ngoai an khong ngoi roi

-- Communist (Communist@yahoo.com), December 01, 2003.

Response to ĐẢNG CSVN VẪN NÓI..VIỆT-NAM KHÔNG CÓ TÙ NHÂN TÔN GIÁO ????.... Danh sách các TU-SỸ bị tù này .Có phải vì họ không theo thuyết CỘNG-SẢN VÔ THẦN ??


Cc bạn c biết.>> L người cng dn một Quốc Gia . Chng ta phải được quyền TỰ-DO lựa chọn những người c ti, c đức, c lng yu nước, biết yu thương nhn dn . Lm người đại diện cho chng ta để điều hnh đất nước..Đ l một trong những quyền căn bản của một con người. l TỰ-DO LỰA CHỌN...Nhưng nhn dn ta đ c được TỰ-DO đ chưa ?

Nhn dn ta đ c được những TỰ-DO căn bản như . TỰ-DO NHN QUYỀN, TỰ- DO NGN-LUẬN, TỰ-DO DN-CHỦ, TỰ-DO TN-NGƯỠNG, TỰ-DO CNG-L & TỰ-DO CHNH-TRỊ CHƯA..?

Đảng Cộng Sản Việt-Nam vẫn hằng bưng bit thng tin. Ton ci Việt- Nam, với dn số trn 80 triệu. nhưng khng cn c được một trang thng tin độc lập no ..Cch đy chẳng bao lu, Đảng ta cấm tờ bo SINH VIN VIỆT-NAM pht hnh. L cụ thể cho chng ta thấy Đảng Cộng- Sản Việt-Nam, CỐ TNH BP HỌNG TUỔI TRẺ, TIU DIỆT TR THỨC, NGU HO NHN DN, TIU DIỆT TƯƠNG LAI DN TỘC..

Hồi đầu thng 10/2003. Đảng Cộng-Sản Việt-Nam bắt cc Tăng-Ni Phật Tử, cc Ho-Thượng Thượng Toạ ở 2 miền Trung & Nam Việt . Đ cho ta thấy Đảng Cộng-Sản Việt-Nam đang tăng lực đn p Tn-Ngưỡng để..XIẾT CỔ CC TN-GIO.....


-- Nguyen-Viet-Nam (tosu_cs@yahoo.com), December 01, 2003.

Response to ĐẢNG CSVN VẪN NÓI..VIỆT-NAM KHÔNG CÓ TÙ NHÂN TÔN GIÁO ????.... Danh sách các TU-SỸ bị tù này .Có phải vì họ không theo thuyết CỘNG-SẢN VÔ THẦN ??

Đọc bi viết của anh Tổ Sư CS nghe hay qu, nhưng rất tiếc VN của mnh đ hơn 28 năm rồi m người dn trong nứoc vẫn cuối đầu hạ mnh để CS n đn p bắt bớ v sống một kip đời nhục nhả. V tụi CS n qu khn ngoan dối tr ru ngũ người dn, nguời dn chỉ biết lo tới miếng cơm manh o hằng ngy cn chưa c xong th lm sao m c thời gian nghĩ tới chnh trị chnh em hay l đồi hỏi quyền căn bản sống của con nguời. Tuổi trẻ thanh nin ngy nay cũng vậy thi. V sự đn p d mang v hệ thống tnh bo cng an rất tinh vi cho nn nguời dn kh c thể nổi dậy được. V chử


qu lớn cho nn ngưi dn VN phải chịu cảnh sống khổ cng của CS. Biết đến bao giờ ngọn lửa đấu tranh từ trong nước mới chịu bừng chy ln, nguời dn đang chờ một nguời no đ nhm ln ngọn lửa th n sẻ bừng chy to thật to. khi no v bao giờ, chng ta sẻ chờ xem, mnh nghĩ n khng cn bao xa đu. TBT

-- Con Ho Dam Tac - Nong Duc Manh (Con_Ho_Dam_Tac@hn.vnn.vn), December 02, 2003.

Response to ĐẢNG CSVN VẪN NÓI..VIỆT-NAM KHÔNG CÓ TÙ NHÂN TÔN GIÁO ????.... Danh sách các TU-SỸ bị tù này .Có phải vì họ không theo thuyết CỘNG-SẢN VÔ THẦN ??

Hien nay o VN, cac chua chien tap nap nguoi dang huong vao cac ngay le lac. cac Nha tho cong giao cung gop phan minh vao phong trao"Tot dao,dep doi" cua nha nuoc VN.Tu do ngon luan va tu do ton giao duoc ton trong toi da.Bon phan dong trong va ngoai nuoc dang ra suc boi nho nhung thanh tich ma Dang va NN da lam duoc trong thoi gian qua,vi vay chung ta phai canh giac de khong mac muu nhung thanh phan chong doi,phan dong nay.

-- communist (communist@daheo.com), December 02, 2003.

Response to ĐẢNG CSVN VẪN NÓI..VIỆT-NAM KHÔNG CÓ TÙ NHÂN TÔN GIÁO ????.... Danh sách các TU-SỸ bị tù này .Có phải vì họ không theo thuyết CỘNG-SẢN VÔ THẦN ??

Cc bạn đừng c đọc những lời của thằng c ci Nick communist, thằng ny được chui ra từ ci l của bọn thi nt kia, lại ln đy chống mỏ ln sửa gu gu chứ chả biết đng sai g ro, đng l bọn di bo của một chế đ Độc ti nhất thế giới ny, ni cho my biết, ci thằng communist nầy, tao đang sống ở việt Nam đấy, ăn ni liệu hồn, khng th tao ln đn em Nam Cam hốt xc my đấy. Năm Cam l anh của tụi my m, phải khng???

-- vovanloc (vovanloc@hellokitty.com), December 03, 2003.

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