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Wescot 'financial services' are trying to contact my brother via my phone number (the only number they have from when he was staying with me), they are very insistant that it is in 'His best interest' to contact them... will he risk any worse penalties if he does not contact them or is this just market-speak for 'In our best interests because we're out of options for finding him'?

thanks in advance Jeff...

P.S i've told them that i'm not able to get a message to my brother, so as far as they are concerned he is unaware they are trying to contact him.

-- Jeff (, November 29, 2003



It's impossible to comment re the "worse penalties" when we don't know what they are chasing your brother for, however it is not appropriate for them to harass you by telephone and you could report them to the Office of Fair Trading possibly as they have set out a code of practice for these companies. alternatively you could simply bar them from phoning you by using BT's "Choose to Refuse" which I believe is free for the first month. Just phone BT and they will tell you about it. I think you have to be a BT customer though.

If your brother has debt problems he has to address them and Citizens advice will help him with this for free. If your brother has a shortfall after his home being repossessed he can contact this site for more info.

Sorry I can't be much more help!


-- Moira (, December 01, 2003.

i would suggest that you ignore them or indeed sarn them as they are as far as I am concrened breaching the DPA and yours and your brothers right to a peaceful existence under the human rights act..

-- andrew barclay (, December 16, 2003.

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