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just wondering, does anybody have info on sd18 originally #2520 then re# to 6338, i have purchased the engine sides from the cnw rr from a scrapper, and am interested in history or pics or stories about the engine. the cnw# is 6639. it is originally southern engine. thanks a lot for any info.


-- david riemenschneider (, November 29, 2003


Actually SR 2520, build number 25616 built date 1/60, which became 6339 was reported scrapped in 1978. The unit you are seeking information on is SR 2519, build number 25615 built date 11/59, which was renumbered to 6338 in the early-70s, and retired and sold to PNC in January 1978. The unit was deturbocharged/downgraded by PNC (contract work done by Morrison-Knudsen) to "SD18" status (at which time the dynamic brake was removed) and was renumbered to PNC 1838. The unit was acquired by the Chicago and NorthWestern and apparently renumbered 6639.

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (, December 05, 2003.

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