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a weasle is catching my chickens i haave heard about setting a large wooden based rat trap on a post and that probably would work but i dont know what to use for bait hhhhhhhheeeeeeeellllllllpppppppp

-- louis liming (, November 27, 2003


I had this happen. i was told it was a skunk or possum. More than likely a skunk.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, November 29, 2003.

I don't know about trapping weasels but I've heard they slit the throat, then drink the blood. I never heard they eat the head. How do you know its a weasel?

-- john (, November 27, 2003.

how do you know its a weasel? have you seen it in the act? if so, SHOOT it,,, but as stated, weasles usually drink the blood. An owl will just take the head.

-- Stan (, November 28, 2003.

I know for a fact that weasels will eat heads. It happened just this morning after spotting it 6 times yesterday (after killing 4 birds) running too fast and zig-zagged to shoot. We've been stalking the thing almost round the clock since yesterday morning. Still no success. Now we have resorted to live traps in the birds pens. We were told to use tuna. I guess we'll see. Although we are using live traps, it will not be set free. It killed $165 worth of birds in less than 12 hrs, then got the head of 1 more this morning. 5 birds is 5 too many. I hope you catch whatever it is that is after your birds too. Bye for now,

Indiana Gardener

-- Indiana Gardener (, December 24, 2003.

if u want to catch a weasle or commonly known to trappers as ermie, here's what u do. i have caught several this trappin season, so i know how to catch them.first u take a big coffey can(39oz. or bigger), then get a foothold trap from a trapper or maybe someone has some hangin in their shed. anyway it has to be a #1.5 or #2 trap to work. now you take the coffey can and bend it into an egg shape. lay the can down with the open end toward you. make sure the trap jaws will *just* toutch the top of the can when it is set off. now that you have the can bent right, take and fill the bottom with bloody meat and freeze it upright. pull the can out and set your trap where the weasles have been moving and just wait. the foothold trap is usually used for catching 'coons by the foot, but with this set it will humanely kill any weasle instanly. good luck with your weasles.

-- jason roberts (, January 15, 2004.

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