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my wife had her house voluntarily repossesed 7yrs ago after the building society refused to take her ex husband of the deeds and have mine added as i had already been paying the mortgage for 3yrs without any problems,the house was then sold for a shortfall of some 14k and they kept chaseing my wife for the shortfall,what i would like to know is after the house was taken back by the building society who was responsible for the property as it was broken into and a fair ammount of damage was caused which i feel was the reason they sold it of so cheaply leaveing such a shortfall and them chaseing her and not her ex husband for it.also if a property is repossesed and sold for more than originaly bought for who gets the extra money

-- Gary moore (, November 26, 2003


I would think that in a court of law[and it is only an opinion] that they have a duty to take reasonable care of the property and once in their posession they are obliged to have it insured. But until it goes to court they will lie,threaten,intimidate and do anything else to get money out of you.

-- David (, December 04, 2003.

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