I am looking for a used coffee cart

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I am looking to buy a used coffee cart, preferrably equiped. I am just looking to get started and any help and/or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

-- Charlie Ibarra (caibarra@sbcglobal.net), November 25, 2003


WE have a mobile coffee cart/kiosk for sale with all the extras to have you up and running immediately. A very lucrative and good investment. Email for more info and pictures.

-- Robert Moore (nomads@shaw.ca), December 09, 2003.

my van has only done 30 miles and it is 2002 reg,i have sold the coffee machine but van remains call me 07050-371-666 if you are still interested,i only want 3000 for it.Normal would cost you 3500 for the ape50 and easly an extra 1500 for modification. thank you

-- Malik (artmalik@hotmail.com), January 05, 2004.

Complete turnkey espresso cart business for 15,000. In Colorado, if we are close enough and you like the price please email me for more details. I would be glad to help!! :)

-- JoAnna Quick (annaken@frii.com), August 26, 2004.

Whatever happened to this thread or responses? We are also looking for a used mobile expresson/coffee cart. Thanks for any responses. We are in NC.

-- Theresa Brown (mtbrownart@aol.com), January 19, 2005.

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