where i can get mitsubishi elevator replacement parts

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I need pc cards for the following model mitsubioshi elevators. VFDL,VFDL(A), VFEL. and i need maintenance computer for the vfel model elevator and soft ware. thanks.

-- Selvam (bac777@emirates.net.ae), November 25, 2003



You can email your requirement to the above email address. We are a company from Singapore and will be able to quote you accordingly. We are also able to supply spareparts for other lift brands, eg. Kone, Otis, Toshiba, Schindler, Hitachi ....

Another email you can try, Ronaldthye@ele-source.com

Regards, Marion

-- Marion Soo (marionsoo@ele-source.com), December 26, 2003.

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