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What does the soliloquy "to be or not to be" mean? How would I write a short story about it?

-- Greg Plesche (, November 24, 2003


Hamelt questions whether or not he should commit suicide in that question. The soliloquey continues and he ask if he should endure life and fight or not. He says that he looks forward to death, but cannot kill himself because he is afraid of life after death (people who commit suiced go straight to hell). He concludes that thinking to much stops people from acting.

-- 80 T (, November 26, 2003.

A number of interpretations and ideas are already in the forum. See the questions titled "the meaning of act 3 scene 1 from to be or not to be ....of action (karimakaro, 2002-02-05)", "what is hamlet saying in his soliloquay in act3 scene1? (vanessa murphy, 2003-11-12)" and "To be or not to be? (Steven Wayne Menefee, 1999-09-04)".

-- catherine england (, November 27, 2003.

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