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this isn't really a question. i was just going through a bunch of papers, etc. and i found a scribbling down of thoughts that i wrote after my first party and felt like putting it here.

it says "i love ecstasy. it frees my spirit. raves are the best... they cleanse my soul. they make me feel in love. not with anyone in particular, but with everyone. i love myself. the feelings i got while at that rave are overwhelming. they compare to no other feelings i have ever experienced. all i can think is love and freedom. i really think that that is the best thing for me. raves, that is. they are about peace, love, unity and respect. love for everyone and love for yourself. unite -- stand together. be strong as one and the more the better. become a force strong enough to hold off the ones that don't understand. the ones that are afraid of themselves and would just as soon pretend to be people they're not."

my first party was january 15, 2000, and i'm assuming this was either written the day i got home or very shortly thereafter. i dunno... i know there are many people who think e at parties is bad but who are they to judge? just do what frees you. each person at those parties is entitled to do what they need or want to do to make the experience touch their soul. i'm glad i rolled at that party. that night, i woke up after a 20 year sleep and i think e played a big part in that. well, that and dancing among thousands til the cows came home! PLUR

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003


Amen....My first roll was on July 19th, 2000.....my birthday and 'Return To Atlantis...The IceHouse...Phoenix,AZ'. It featured DJ Jazzy Jeff.....I was a strip club manager and i hated the music....i thought it was repititous and bangy...i had a raver chic that stripped for me and she danced to it all the time...so sometimes when i DJ'd i'd have to play it for her....anyways...she asks me to this rave......and i said yes....after work....it was in this building and there were some mafia-like guys collecting $40 at the door! Everyone was paying or trying to get let in.....We were on the guest list so we didn't have to pay.....we met up with this girl, her name was London....and she had a rave name???...of ECHO. Anyway she was really bummed because she couldn't find any drugs.....I saw one of my contacts at the party all dressed up in lion print....looking half- gay/half-macho....with women all around him....and then i noticed everyone was smiling...and dressed up funny and dancing crazy....i couldn't believe there were as many people as were there already. Anyways...found the'Star of David's' and i got them for everyone in our group......1/2 hour later....my best friend who went with me...his first time too....was dancing around all crazy with his shirt rolled up into a turban on his head...it was AZ...hot...and i all of a sudden heard and felt something i have never forgotten....i rush and wave of salvation and enlightenment....something astral...regardless of what it was...it was a combination of the X and the MUSIC.....and i fell in love with the world....with myself.....with anything important to me.....i was there to support and took care of others and never stopped moving for 8 hours.....Since then and after 3 years of being a strip club manager and working with my 'italian' friends.....i've rolled 50 times or so....and i haven't in about 1 year.....i miss nothing as much as i miss that feeling....it was therapy for the soul....amen...amen.

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2003

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