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Anybody experienced hard downshifting before? I took about an 80 mile ride yesterday and the bike sometimes seemed to be stuck in a gear and wouldn't downshift. I had to shift up then back down. I just did an oil change and didn't see any medal shaving or anything weird. Oil used was Motorex blend 15/50 and milage on bike is now 1200miles. Thanks for you advice.

-- Jacques (, November 24, 2003


Jacques, when the bike is new the transmission tends to be a little notchy but what you're describing sounds different. How hard are you talking? I mean do you need to stomp on the shifter? The fact that you mention it happens when downshifting makes me think clutch? I'm assuming that it was hard before the oil change as well, no? or did you change the oil and then notice this? Also, I know some people think oil is oil but the factory recommends a fully synthetic 10w/60 or 20w/50 with Agip being the preferred brand although Motul has been used with good results as well. Different oil can affect clutch performance dramatically. Please let us know.

-- Todd G. Mazzola (, November 24, 2003.

Ditto Todd.

Jacque it might be worth checking your clutch fluid level as well.

The MV is one of the sweetest shifting bikes. I've never heard of transmission difficulties. If the bike is new I think a check by your dealer is in order.

Good luck

-- Yannis (, November 24, 2003.

Hi Todd, I can't tell if it was like this before because I just bought the bike. I only rode it a few miles before I changed the fluid. The clutch seams fine, it felt weird, not like anything I've known before. I've never ridden an MV before I bought, but I have owned and ridden bike for nearly 15 years now. I'm thinking maybe the level or type of fluid would have made this feeling. I used the Motorex oil as it was recommended by an MV tech here in SD. I'm probably on my own on this one, maybe a trip to the shop is in order, kind of bummed as I haven't owned it long. Hopefully it's nothing and I'm just being paranoid.

-- Jacques (, November 25, 2003.

Hello again Jacques, If you have been riding for 15 years then you're probably not being paranoid but don't be bummed yet, it could be something simple. I can assure you that the MV transmission is one of the smoothest out there though so something doesn't seem right. I know nothing about Motorex oil but you previously mentioned that it's a "blend". Do you mean it's only partially synthetic? Lubrication technolgy has come a long way in order to keep up with newer machinery with tighter tolerances and different materials etc..Engines are designed with certain lubricants in mind and I just want to make sure that it isn't something as simple as the oil. I'm not saying that this is the answer but switching to 3 litres of the fully synthetic oils I mentioned as being factory recommended would eliminate any possibility of this being the culprit. Use your best judgement though, maybe you want to talk with your dealer first, hopefully they are competent although the Motorex suggestion has me questioning this as I have never heard it being recommended for the MV. If you bought the bike from them then definetly have them sort it out until you are happy.

Take Care....

-- Todd G. Mazzola (, November 25, 2003.

On the left handel bar is an adjustment lever on your bike .Take it all the way down and readjust it and you will see the difference. cliff

-- Clifford Proctor (Navflyn, December 04, 2003.

Replace Motorex cooking oil with other brand. Had similar concerns with MV & 99 Blade serviced at same time with power SYNT4T full synthetic 10w/50. Have had both bikes from new. Blade had sloppy gear shift, needed a small tap upwards to seat properly ????. 2000 MV hasn't been done yet but from 1st to 2nd picked up neutral and would float there. will post outcome shortly.

-- errol meulen (, December 27, 2003.

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