Why have my chicken quit laying eggs.

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We have always had chickens. We just brought 1 year old brown layers(60) that were laying fine for the people we brought them from. But they slowly just quit laying for us. Any thoughts?

-- chris wissing (chrisatthefarm@hotmail.com), November 21, 2003


Usually this happens when chickens get moved. Chickens are creatures of habit. Consequently they are likely to quit laying when they are moved. This is especially true when the weather is getting colder, and daylight hours are getting shorter. Solutions: 1) Put a light in with the chickens a couple of extra hours every day. 2) Make sure that drafts are minimized as much as possible. 3) Add bedding to pen. 4)Raise the protein level in the feed.(My favorite way is by adding dog food to their ration. Small bites) 5) Make sure they have access to warm water, and oyster shell.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (littlebit@brightok.net), November 21, 2003.

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