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I was just perusing ebay like I seem to do every night.....and I came across a 1920 Whitehall with a starting bid of $50.00

Too much work for me...but I thought someone on this site might have interest.


-- Nicholas Pistolakis (npistolakis@earthlink.net), November 19, 2003


Having repaired boats in a similar condition when I was in the Sea Scouts I can attest this will be a lot of work. Plus there is no way I would buy a used wooden boat without being able to inspect it. Nothing like dryrot in the timbers to take a scrape and repaint and caulk job and turn it into a major restoration. I'm not saying this boat has those problems, its just that you should look at it closely and take a tip of something and test the wood in the bildges.

On the plus side the boat does not appear to be letting light in, from the photo with the boat half way tipped over. So the planking may be tight which would be a great sign. However I did notice that its missing some of the coaming on the port side rear near the stern. And there are no seats in it, and if its a sailing version, there was no centerboard trunk. So this boat has had a rough treatment in the last few years. Also no sailing gear is shown in the photo so I would guess its only been rowed. (No guddeons to hold a rudder on the transom either.) And at $50 the reserve hasn't been met, so who knows what the seller thinks its worth. -Gary-

-- Gary Powell (gwpowell@hotmail.com), November 20, 2003.

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