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Can anybody help?

I applied for a Mortgage through a well known National Broker.The Mortgage was approved (i.e Credit Scored etc etc) and a offer was made. This was for a Remortgage.On the day I was due to complete the Lender withdrew the offer saying that new information had come to light.I spoke to the Underwriter who was helpful and said that they had information from a 'source' that my previuos applications (God only knows when!!!) to another Lender had been witdrwan because I failed to provide Income info.Therfore they could not proceed either.He went on to say that they use both Experian & Equifax and MCL Hunter.I have checked Experain and Equifax Files which 100% clear (i.e No Lates No Ccj No Deafaulyts -Zilch-).It can only be info they got from MCL Hunter.Who the hell are MCL Hunter at what info do they hold? What can I DO?




If you follow this link it tells you all about MCL Hunter.

-- Chris (, November 20, 2003.

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