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I heard a story, that Proton has bought MV Agusta. And that they will race in the next gp season under the name of MV agusta. Proton will pay the 200 milion euro debt of the MV factory. I don't know if this is true,but there where rumours about it for some time. Hopefully we can see MV in the moto gp class next year. Cause that's the place where MV belongs; grand prix racing.

-- frans tuin (, November 17, 2003


Thats great for MV,but i think i will keep hold of my Italian designed,Italian built and Italian funded F4. Last of the true pure Italian thoroughbreds maybe?? I know this may seem controversial but i was always wishing Mv did not recover from there financial problems then the MV would be a very rare sight indeed, as the F4 maybe now, but i think they will be as common as the Dukes in a few years.As a Ferrari owner i am of the ferrari school of thought,that you only make one less than the number of units that you think you can sell.Thats what makes exitics exclusive with high resale values.I also think the new Lamborghinis are very nice but there 80% german, but the Diablo now thats a different story!! Go on then dudes flame away!!!!!

-- charlie (, November 17, 2003.

Hello Frans-

in fact -they both signed an letter of intent -in order to examine a closely cooperation. This means not that Proton bought MV!!!! More details are findable at


-- lubo (, December 02, 2003.

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