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THE MV AGUSTA 2003 COLLECTION VIA G. MACCHI, 144 - SCHIRANNA 21100 VARESE - ITALY TEL. +39 0332 254111 FAX +39 0332 3293 78 P r e s s I n f o r m a t i o n The Evolution engine is the principal technological innovation that distinguishes the F4 and Brutale range. Characterized by a design coherent with the legendary 500 GP bikes of the past, the four cylinder inline with double overhead camshafts has undergone a series of important updates which have been introduced to increase the already impressive amount of power and torque.The improvements carried-out by MV AGUSTA’s technical staff were developed through the introduction of the following modifications: • Malhe stamped pistons • Malhe cylinder block • Crankshaft lighter by 1kg • Redesigned combustion chamber • Exhaust valves with flat head • Valve springs with variable step • Jets for cooling the underside of the pistons • Modified clutch hub aimed at increasing its resistance • New exhaust manifold 4 in 1 in 2 equiped with compensators (not for Brutale models) • New ratios for the primary and final drives • New oil filter and relative fixing system

-- danny (, November 15, 2003


Danny, you're still talking about the SPR, which has those mods you mentioned. Read about it here:

But someone was asking about the difference between the 02 and 03 regular F4 models (read non SPR!!!), there are only cosmetic changes. Read about it here:

-- JJ (, November 16, 2003.

jj...The answer is that they changed this in the middle of 2002 without telling it...(chassis number 4000 and later...) we openend an engine of a ev 03 F4s 1+1 modell...everything described above we found in the standart F4s engine...danny

-- danny (, November 16, 2003.

jj....exact...take your link for the F4s and then click on engine...and ooops you see my answer...:-)

-- danny (, November 16, 2003.

Hi, I own an evo 02, which cameto me in Dez. 2001.

On the cylinder block there is "Mahle" up-marked.


-- Roland (, November 16, 2003.

I have an 02, where do I find the chassis number?

-- Curt McMillion (, November 17, 2003.

@ curt its the frame number...the last numbers...the chances were made during 2002...summer,after factory holidays

-- danny (, November 17, 2003.

Hello Danny,

I've found the answer in an old email from yahoo I saved as sent by Peter Sporri and sent to Peter by Andrea Goggi because of some conversation we were having on Senna engine vs EVO2. In the middle of this you will see your answer on EVO3 vs EVO2 ;)

Here is the crux ""F4 EV03 engine is same as EV02, only with painted pick-up, clutch and sproket

covers (same color as Brutale).""

======================= here is what andrea goggi says about differences between normal f4s and senna:

Basically almost everything written in msg. 13573 is somewhat right, but You

need to learn some history more.

In 2000 R&D was already working on the upgrade of F4 S engine, and on SPR

engine; at that time they were different projects, with different engine specs.

Then, due to all the production retards caused by our financial troubles it was

decided to make F4S same as the SPR of that time, calling it EV 02.

This is shortly the story of F4 EV02.

As a consequence the SPR evolution project began again starting from EV02.

Differences between first series of engine and EV02 are quite precisely listed

in msg. 13573 (pistons, valves, crancksshaft, etc. etc.), so I don't repeat


Senna engine is very similar to EV02 engine; differences are gearbox, clutch

disks, Eprom (basically rev limiter from 13300 to 13900), and a special care in

selecting production heads (better porting casting) in order to obtain a more

restricted production tolerance in engine performance.

SPR engine (which is finally going in production right now for the first time),

as a result of a further developement step, has many parts new and different

than EV02, i.e. increased compression ratio, both in-ex ports, combustion

chamber, 100% hand polished inlet ports, cam profiles, tappets, springs,

pistons, trumpets, other than same clutch and close ratio gearbox as Senna.

F4 EV03 engine is same as EV02, only with painted pick-up, clutch and sproket

covers (same color as Brutale).

I'm sorry to hear about troubles in getting the right informations, but in this

moment of re-start of all our activities communication is for sure suffering; It

will get better because as we always did we are working hard to make it happen.

Anyway the informations about differences between basic engine and EV02/Senna

have been communicated to press in a precise way, so it is strange that so many

doubts still exist.

I hope everything is more clear now.

Ciao - AG =======================

-- James (, November 17, 2003.

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