Westinghouse type "E" Door operator

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Hi Guys and Gals I`m looking for info on this type of operator on how to adjust please email to me any doc`s if you have them Thanks fx

-- fxstd (v8tor@hotmail.com), November 14, 2003


Hi There What model e operator do you have, do you have the latest one e5 with the zener diode. There looked and sounded horrible but worked pretty good. they were both left and right hand in one, set up your pm magnets 1/4 from open and close and set your anti stall relay for recovery, and make sure you have spares of all the belts especially the long door belt. They were so good that they switched to the ez operator that was made by MAC.

-- Jim (www.elevator555@hotmail.com), November 18, 2003.

no t sure on what type of E operator that is all it says..... it is from late 60`s early 70`s ....... it has 15 contacts that make or break from the music box cams and a relay on top of it

-- fxstd (v8tor@hotmail.com), November 18, 2003.

I have a parts sheet and the parts if you need them.


-- Patrick A. Carrajat (lickem@cblconsult.com), November 22, 2003.

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