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i made a mistake when detailing the watercolour painting by Seng i said that it featured a horse atop a column..when it is a figure(female?) holding what looks like a sceptre or lance. Once again i have looked all over and wonder... the reason i wonder if it was street artists is that the frames are not overly elaborate cardboard or foamcore type material. Surrounding all the pieces they are wrapped in a thick cellophane like plastic. This didnt protect some of the larger pieces that appear to have sustained water damage at some time. They appear painted on a thin cloth material(canvas?)while the smaller ones are on typical watercolour paper. Strange as it sounds i bought the pieces (relatively cheaply) after viewing some of "Ong Kim Seng" work. Yet after reviewing his works online.. his does appear more detailed in respects.. yet there are some characteristics of these paintings.. especially the fascination with street scenes, squares etc that i find interestingly similar to his work. One small piece is of a small orange boat in San Fran harbour with the golden gate bridge in the background. Another has what looks like one of the Cable car turn disks with some stylized people hanging around, what almost looks like a large flower display and a restaurant(really 1980s style).. Yet Ong Kim Seng according to what i read on the net came to the US around that time or shortly after to be honoured with an award. The signatures are very different with his being a scrawl or scribbled signature with mine showing a 'S' that the bottom loops around to the middle of the 'E' NOW looking at the one CHOI watercolour.. the red chinese type stamp.. which is one of the symbol or personalized signature ones that can be bought even here in vancouver in chinatown has an interesting design or symbol that looks abstractly like a 'fox'... well folks thats enough.. i dont think anyone is going to be able to give me an answer on this with the last one i posted.. i think i will put them up on Ebay one day in the future and see what the general public has to say! ya never know??? Thanks again -bill

-- bill stenner (, November 14, 2003


Dear Sir, I am Ong Kim Seng , here responding to your query . I cant remember painting the bridge you describe in your essay. I dont use any Chinese seal in any of my paintings after 1975 . The seal I used was in the 60s and it bears my name in Chinese " Wang zhing Chern" . So I dont think that is my painting if the " Ong Kim Seng" referred to is me . Pls refer website : Thank you very much.

Ong Kim Seng

-- Ong Kim Seng (, January 04, 2004.

the painting with the red stamp is by "Choi" not Seng. thank you for your reply. -bill

-- bill (, February 07, 2004.

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