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OK you clever lot, I have just replaced a blown side lamp in the front light. Eventually I managed to do this without breaking the lens. I did struggle with the mirrors etc. For the future do I need to remove the mirrors ?, or do they need to come off with the fairing ?. There are 2 bolts that hold the fairing and mirrors onto the main frame area, I am hoping that next time it's just 2 bolts out and the fairing comes away. What I have done though is sheared off to locating nipples from one of these brackets...ooops, need to find a new one now, anyone got one then give me a shout. Cheers Carl

-- (, November 14, 2003


Hello Carl, No, you do not need to remove the mirrors. Just remove the two bolts and pull the nose off. I don't recall if there is enough meat in the mirror brackets to possibly drill & tap a small hole where each of the locating nipples were located and insert a small button head cap screw which would then serve as your new nipples. Just an idea....

Best of luck,


-- Todd G. Mazzola (, November 14, 2003.

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