Has anyone ridden/compared a '02 and '03

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I think the horse power and torque specs for the EVOII and EVOIII are the same. But s ince there were internal changes on the '03, I was wondering if there was any change in power delivery, engine temperature, or something else.

It would seem strange to invest in those changes without any end result...unless it was to correct a problem? (thinking a loud here)

Here's a link to a recent thread re: 2002 and 2003s: http://greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=00BVdE

Has anyone ridden or had a chance to compare both a '02 and '03?

-- Allan Gibbs (Phx, Az) (Agibbs996@aol.com), November 13, 2003



I saw the post you referenced but back in March when considering which evolution to get (or wait for) I asked Peter Sporri to inquire with the factory about the changes from EVO2 to EVO3. He was visiting them to pick up a part I believe? They reported back that the changes were largely cosmetic. Case covers, paint codes, wheels, anodizing, etc. A few small physical changes were made eg: rear reservoir but largely the bikes are the same.

I can not say the factory report agreed with Danny's claim. Perhaps he was misguided by local marketing information or I was mistaken?


-- James (jamesacorell@hotmail.com), November 14, 2003.

You're right. I should have check MV's site at first. Looks like Danny was using the information for the SPR models. This is from MV's site re: the regular F4S.

The modifications for the Model Year 2003 1. Aluminum silver colored wheels like the SPR model. 2. Clutch cover painted in MV AGUSTA grey. 3. Sprocket cover painted in MV AGUSTA grey. 4. Phonic wheel cover painted in MV AGUSTA grey. 5. EVO3 identifying initials.

For the F4S: http://www.mvagustausa.com/2003mvagusta/f4s.html And for the SPR: http://www.mvagustausa.com/2003mvagusta/f4spr.html

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Az) (Agibbs996@aol.com), November 14, 2003.

no its not the spr i m speaking about the f4 ...we opened the engines...in the middle of 2003 they chanced the engines...mahle ect...

-- danny (danny@t-online.de), November 14, 2003.

NOW....i found it....this is official...press release for the F4S


THE MV AGUSTA 2003 COLLECTION VIA G. MACCHI, 144 - SCHIRANNA 21100 VARESE - ITALY TEL. +39 0332 254111 FAX +39 0332 3293 78 www.mvagusta.it P r e s s I n f o r m a t i o n The Evolution engine is the principal technological innovation that distinguishes the F4 and Brutale range. Characterized by a design coherent with the legendary 500 GP bikes of the past, the four cylinder inline with double overhead camshafts has undergone a series of important updates which have been introduced to increase the already impressive amount of power and torque.The improvements carried-out by MV AGUSTA’s technical staff were developed through the introduction of the following modifications: • Malhe stamped pistons • Malhe cylinder block • Crankshaft lighter by 1kg • Redesigned combustion chamber • Exhaust valves with flat head • Valve springs with variable step • Jets for cooling the underside of the pistons • Modified clutch hub aimed at increasing its resistance • New exhaust manifold 4 in 1 in 2 equiped with compensators (not for Brutale models) • New ratios for the primary and final drives • New oil filter and relative fixing system

-- danny (danny@t-online.de), November 15, 2003.

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