Where can I find Irish knits?

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Does anyone know of any specialty store that sells Irish knits (sweaters, vests, etc.) here in Gaithersburg or elsewhere in the D.C. metropolitan area?

-- Mary N. Macdonald (mnmacd@his.com), November 13, 2003


You may try Dougherty's in Frederick. It's on East Street, in Eveready Square next to Talbot's and Tauraso's (restaurant). The store is owned by the current Mayor, and has all kinds of Irish items, including some clothing.

-- David Friend (bandfriend@mac.com), November 13, 2003.

Thanks for the tip. Another neighbor responded offline and suggested Old Town Alexandria, so that's two really enjoyable destinations to try.

-- Mary N. Macdonald (mnmacd@his.com), November 14, 2003.

This was very helpful. Thanks again. I called Dougherty's, which turned out not to have the particular item I was looking for but was kind enough to refer me to a shop (in the area) that they thought might. That was The Irish Walk in Alexandria. They did have the item, and we ended up purchasing a few other Christmas gifts there, as well (it's a really nice specialty shop for Irish knits). So, this was a great time-saver.

-- Mary N. Macdonald (mnmacd@his.com), November 20, 2003.

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