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We keep reading about the benefits of feeding beet pulp to our draft horses. They say it can replace some hay use. Only four pounds can be fed dry, and any rest needs to be soaked and fed seperatly. I was just wondering if anyone has fed this and do you have any advice on it. I would also like to try some for the sheep. Thanks for your help!

-- Joanie (, November 12, 2003


I have been feeding my 35 yr old arab, 22 yr ols appy, and my 13 yr old Pony. They love it! In my opinion, soaking the feed first is best, that way it is very easy to digest, and it starts out with all those great juices. The horses love slurping up the excess water, turned into sweet. I also have goats, cattle and a sheep. The goats and cows love it, because it is sugar. I was having problems putting weight on a market steer, for the fair, and within a week he had a nice flat back. I havent done enough research on it to feed it to my lamb. Check it out. Copper is very toxic to sheep.I wouldnt feed it dry, sheep are very prone to bloat, and it is very easy to do that. Otherwise I think is a great feed.It's done wonder with my animals!

-- Melissa (, November 26, 2003.

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