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I am building a new house (ocean front) and I intend to have an elevator installed in it. My question is! this is going to be a rental home, therefore should I buy an electric unit or should I purhase a hydrolic one. At this point I can choose from one or the oter and both seem to run about the same price, so naturally I am thinking about, which one would have the less headachs. I look for your reply and would appreciate any help you might be able to give me. Hugh Parnell Manteo, N.C.

-- hugh s. parnell (hparn61658@aol.com), November 11, 2003


contact THYSSENKRUPP ELEVATOR via internet or phone for your nearest dealer. A roped hydraulic elevator would probably suit your needs best.

-- larry cooke (larrynchristen@mindspring.com), November 11, 2003.

How many floors???....a roped hydraulic would be a waste of money if any less than 4 floors....also with a lot of companies hydralics to put it bluntly... stink...due to the fact they leak and the type of oil they use....im not saying dont use a hydralic but if you know someone that has put one in a house go and check it out.

anyway why do u need to put one in a house...from my experience most people us the stairs anyway as its faster and the novalty of having a lift in a house wears off very fast.

-- dayle (daylebrenda@iprimus.com.au), November 11, 2003.

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