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Hi all. I was wondering if anyone could take a look at my website and critique my photos and give me some help. The website is

I am a college student and I have not gotten into digital work, that wont be for another semester. Could someone tell me what the best way to remove the flecks on my images is? I thought I had a nice scanner, but the image come out very dusty when I scan in a beautifully spotted print.

Let me know if you can help and what you think of my work.

Brett Chisholm

-- Brett Chisholm (, November 10, 2003


Regarding flecks, I guess it depends on what image editor you use. In Photoshop there are various tools which can get rid of dirt and dust and also the ever-useful cloning tool.

The site is perfectly adequate, as a site. What kind of film and camera? In a lot of the images, the shadows are rather blocked, as in your self-portrait and the orchestra shots. That might be a design choice and if so, it's OK (but not my taste). If not, then you should look at your metering or development techniques.

Good luck. Good start!


-- Ron (, November 21, 2003.

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