Looking for Gemco Glass Percolator

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Please Help,

Looking to purchase a Gemco Glass Percolator. Have been looking all over and cannot find any. If you have one, please contace me.


-- Grace Fabozzi (phonelady122@aol.com), November 10, 2003


I have just what you are looking for. Also I have a Bunn warming plate that fits it just right. I'd like $5.00 for the percolator and $7 if you get the Bunn plate also. (Plus shipping). Please reply.

-- Patricia Shaw (pdshaw9@comcast.net), January 04, 2004.

Percolator is sold.

-- Patricia Shaw (pdshaw9@comcast.net), March 02, 2004.

Looking for same stovetop Gemco Glass Percolator. Mine broke and I have been looking everywhere. Any suggestions? Please contact me.

Thanks, Michele Agresti (MCAGRESTI@comcast.net)

-- Michele Agresti (MCAGRESTI@comcast.net), August 29, 2004.

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