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Well I want to state a couple of things. To be fair to GP Motors who rebuilt the Sennaís motor, they have been more than accommodating to me than MV USA has. . And I give them credit for that because to them Iím nobody. I didnít purchase the bike from them and had not been a customer of theirs. I moved into their area with a problem and that was their first contact with me. Iím not a mechanic and donít know the inís and outís of a motor so I canít state about the quality of the way that the motor was rebuilt. But I do know that it hasnít been the same since it was rebuilt. I also know that Iíve yet to meet one person, mechanic, dealer or otherwise, Iíve talked to about motor problems and the problems with my Senna in particular who didnít think the bike should have been replaced or at the least had the motor replaced instead of being rebuilt. Especially considering the age of the bike

Regardless if MV (or any other company for that matter) is going to require that people use ďauthorizedĒ service centers for warranty work then it is MVís responsibility to make sure of the quality of these places are at specific standards. So if one of these places is indeed doing bad work or service itís up to MV to get that resolved as well as making sure that they are trained properly and kept up to date with training and info. Because in the end it is their name that is on the line.

But my main point is the quality of customer service that MV USA has shown me. And if they canít give good customer support from their end how can we expect them to set the example for their dealer/service network? A perfect example is the response to my ďgoing publicĒ with my Senna story. MV had a chance to do the right thing from the start and chose not to. At that point I would have just looked at the whole situation as 1 bad apple out of a million and still had a good opinion of the company. Even up until about a week before I ďwent publicĒ they still refused to change their attitude. Its only now that Iím not keeping this thing in the closet any more that they are offering the thing that I had been asking for since the damn bike broke down. Some for of a loaner while the bike is repaired. But now itís too late. Matt could have done this before but choose not too. On his side the only difference between then and now is the fact that Iím not being quiet any more. Unfortunately for me itís a huge difference and my financial losses have been huge. I canít even begin to think about selling the Senna until it is working correctly.

Matt may be a good pitchman or salesperson but itís obvious customer service isnít something he is good at. Or if he is actually good at it heís forgotten when to switch between sells and service mode. The sad thing is that Iím left with no other option than to consider legal action. On my part Iíve got nothing to lose because to date my bike still isnít working right and it costs me nothing to file suit because most of the lemon law lawyers only charge if they win your case and the defendants (if they lose) end up paying all the legal fees of both parts. Everyone seems to admit that this is a real unusual situation with Senna #212 and as such it isnít likely that it would start a rash of demands for replacement bikes. But it seems MV USA would rather spend the cash to go to court, build even more bad feelings and even more bad press (cause for sure Iím not going to be quiet about it), than to take a cheaper more positive route and replace a motorcycle that they know is a lemon. One that they can take back to their shop and try to figure out what went wrong with this bike and make sure it doesnít happen again. Or resolve it quicker if it does.

-- tp (, November 09, 2003


what happened, did I miss something other than the above entry in this forum, or....when/where/how....

sorry to hear of your disaster

-- sennasixty8 (, November 09, 2003.

If you are having so much problems, try pro italia. talk to john french about your problem....cliff

-- clifford Proctor (, November 17, 2003.

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