4 cup glass coffee percolator

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I am looking for a 4 cup stove top glass percolator. My mom just broke hers and she LOVED it. We can't find a 4 cup one anywhere. I think Gemco Ware or Pyrex was the brand name but any would do. She will not use a coffee maker or an electric percolator and is a coffee addict. I have found 8 cup ones but they are too big for her since she lives alone.

-- Patti Petrash (Ppetrash@comcast.net), November 09, 2003


kitchenkapers.com and the vermont country store website both carry the glass percolators.....

-- lynette (hubbardimports@msn.com), November 28, 2003.

I have a 4-6 cup gemco glass percolator and a Bunn warmer to go with it. I'd like $5 for the pot and $7 for both together, plus shipping. Please reply.

-- Patricia Shaw (pdshaw9@comcast.net), January 04, 2004.

Patti, We sell Italian Bialetti's percolators, great coffee makers and also stylish. Check it out. http"//www.cafecolony.com

-- john vu (john@cafecolony.com), January 29, 2004.

Here is a answer to the 2900 Perk....

4-8 Cup Glass Percolator 2900 Make coffee the old-fashioned way with this coffeemaker from Gemco. This glass stove top perk will make 4-8 cups of coffee. The 64 ounce glass perc has a black handle and lid. The crystal clear borosilicate glass is heat and cold resistant. The glass-perk stovetop percolator coffee maker is dishwasher safe and totally immersible.

Because of manufacturing changes, this item won't be available for the foreseeable future. As soon as the percolator is available again, it will be noted on our website.

-- Paul Holowko (pholowko@hotmail.com), August 06, 2004.

They do have them on ebay.....

-- Paul Holowko (pholowko@hotmail.com), August 06, 2004.

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