1930 C.G. Weigh Station Initials

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In the 1930's the ICC required revenue service cars to be reweighed every two years. At the reweighing, the light weight, weigh station initials, and date were stenciled on the car. Examples of initials: "FLO" for the ACL's weigh station in Florence, SC; "S.J." for the FEC weigh station in South Jacksonville; "JAX" for the SAL's weigh station in Jacksonville. I'm making up a set of CG ventilated boxcar decals circa 1930. What were the 1930's weigh station and initials for CG?

-- Cal Winter (calwinter@aol.com), November 08, 2003


The Central of Georgia weight station initials that I am aware of are:Industry (Atlanta) IND; Savannah SAVH; Macon MA; Columbus COL; Chattanooga CH; and Albany ALBY.

Just in case you may not be aware, CofGa ventilator box car decals can be made up from Micro scale set 87-1079, which includes the correct weight station initials. This set covers the period 1937 and later. Earlier stencil arrangements can be made up utilizing Clover House Set 7188-01. Both sets can be purchased from Bob Branin at Riverdale Station in Riverdale, GA.

It surely would be terrific to have the correct scale model in HO to put these decals on! If any one knows where to obtain these, please let me know.

-- Ed Mims (wemims@comcast.net), November 09, 2003.

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