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I'm a newbie to all things political. I'm learning as much as possible so I dont suffer the ignorance while the world falls deeper into this bottomless pit the Bush family has put us in. I'm young (29) and uneducated on many of these issues. The more I learn the more I feel helpless. There's just so much out there to learn and as soon as I learn one thing there's more to take its place. How can we recover from what the Bush family has done? Is there any hope for the future of America? The world must see us as complete idiots... Look who's representing us! I've joined The local Dem party, I've started a Dem Bingo in our town so that the proceeds can help with Dem Elections, I've become the treasurer to Elect a dem on the City Commission (he won!). Maybe I'm going in the wrong direction and maybe I'm not. At this time, with what I've learned... Is the lesser of two "potential" evils. I cant sit here and complain, worry, and cry if I haven't tried to do something about it. The US is being turned upside down. I pray for a bright future for my children and I fear that the damage thats been done wont be repaired for a long long time. I'm scared of the world their going to live in. I feel this urgency to do something, the right thing, an important profound thing to help but what? Ho Hum... Guess I was just wishing for the magical cure, or maybe words to inspire hope. Tina

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Under the current Administration, we have seen the loss of 3 million American jobs, the loss of friends and allies around the world, and the loss of protection for our environment, our civil liberties, and the values we hold dear - all because President Bush just can't say "no" to the special interests and big corporations that have made a home in this White House.

America needs a President with the courage to stand up for the interests of hardworking, middle-class families, and one who will show Enron, Halliburton, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, and the rest of the gang the door.

-- Tina (, November 07, 2003


I applaud the recent effort you've made, in your own way, to deprive the Bush administration of further means to harm our country. If only Americans would lower the proverbial blinders for one moment, they would realize that the facts are staring them in the face. As a freedom loving people, we have an obligation to understand the decisions made by those who put us in office. Those decisions do affect each and every one of us. Again, I thank you and hope that your efforts will come to further fruition in the future. I may only be fifteen, but at least im not a Bush.

-- Amine (, October 29, 2004.

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