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I am looking for a retailer in the lower mainland who sells the ILSA espresso maker. I bought one a few years ago at an espresso machine shop near Venebales and Commercial that is no longer in business. I would be gratefull to anyone who knows where there are a couple of these brilliant coffee makers to be purchased!

-- Chris Lange (, November 06, 2003


I have been using a 10-cup ILSA stainless stovetop maker for years. Its gasket is shot and I've been looking all over the US (both coasts) without success. Nothing seen on UK or Italian Yahoo. In these searches, I have not seen the Ilsa makers either. Hope you have better luck...


-- Steve Kolupaev (, December 18, 2003.

I just came from a "Kitchen Kaboodle" store and they stock the ILSA stovetop espresso makers. Available online, too: imagesku=15196&cfid=200723&cftoken=17128724

Does anyone know if these are 100% stainless steel, or are the interior workings aluminum? (trying to avoid aluminum in my coffee-- any 100% stainless stovetop espresso maker recommendations would be most welcome. Thanks!)

-- Walter Graine (, January 28, 2004.

I just purchased a small, 3 cup stainless steel espresso pot for my mother. It is completely stainless steel. Very nice. I know this reply is many moons later but thought I'd contribute to the conversation anyway. Hope it's useful.

BTW - I purchased it at a cooking store in Doylestown Pa.


-- Amanda Amarotico (, November 07, 2004.

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