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Hello to all who might drop in here.

Is there absolute truth in the N.T. for us to follow today? Did God make things so "wishy washy" that we can all go to His word and come away with different beliefs? The subject of baptism/salvation comes to mind. Here are beliefs among us today:

1) Baptism is necessary for one's salvation. 2) Baptism is NOT necessary for one's salvation. 3) Any mode of baptism is acceptable to God. 4) Baptism follows salvation as an act to show one IS saved. 5) Even though the Bible tells us why someone is baptized, it isn't necessary to know why. 6) "Faith only" saves a person. 7) Once someone is in the "grip of grace" he is fixed for life. 8) Grace comes about without any act on the part of the believer. 9) Grace (through faith) along saves us. 10) Grace accepted by obedience saves us. 11) We shouldn't try to teach what is found in the scriptures but instead dwell on Rom. 14, "judging another man's servant." 12 When we present Bible to someone we are judging him. 13) When we present Bible to someone, God is judging him. 14) It is not our business whether someone is in a saved condition because that is all left up to God. 15) There are lots of "ifs" and we should teach the ifs so no one will be left out. 16) God drew a circle which includes His family. 17) Man can re-draw God's circle to include everyone who believes, without the obedience to the command to "be baptized."

This list could go on and on.

Just pondering,


-- Nelta Brock (, November 06, 2003


very good

-- junior (, February 08, 2004.

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