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Hi, I'm an amatuer photographer, I took a black and white photgraphy class my sophomore year in high school and I LOVED IT!!! People have told me that I have some very promising talent I use my little sister alot as my "model" but a lot of time I can't come up with anything to photography. I live in Northern Indiana and there's not really a whole lot to photograph around least not without driving somewhere...any ideas???

-- Dawn (, November 04, 2003


I'm guessing you live in a small town, so try photographing the shapes and shadow doorways and windows form. Good way to practice composition.

-- michael cleggs (, November 04, 2003.

Maybe you could get your little sister to hold her hand out like it was on top of a barn that is way off in the distance. I've done that here down in NC. Blue

-- anvil (, November 16, 2003.

Take pictures of whatevers around you. The edge of the table someone standing in shadow. Anything works

-- Rayvin (, November 19, 2003.

dawn, there is always something interesting to photograph in your area, try street photography. just walk down there street and photograph people. look for interesting sites in your town. old buildings, grain elevators, parks etc make great subjects

-- john tenikat sr. (, November 23, 2003.

thanx for all the ideas guys ill work on em

-- Dawn (, November 24, 2003.

dawn, some additional thoughts--- try an old weathered building. try shooting the doors and the window frames. also type in both "black and white photography" and "street photography techniques" into your search engine. look at the portfolios of the various photographers to get ideas. also try "land scape photography techniques". the sites listed using these topics should give you plenty of ideas and inspiration! good luck and happy shooting! john

-- john tenikat sr. (, November 24, 2003.

tengo 42 anos , 2o como fotografo y recien ahora creo estar comenzando a descubrir un nuevo concepto en elaboracion de imagenes.Lo mas dificil es no aferrarse a un estereotipo o estandar e ir creando a cada paso una nueva manera de observar el mundo.Vivo en la Argentina y admiro a Cartier Breson y a Sebastian Salgado, entre otros.

-- rodolfo (, December 19, 2003.

try loooking at witch you do not regularly look at...the best photos are usualy of things that have never been seen like that before...try peoples legs with there whole shadows in the picture at different sun settings...

also when im really stuck for an idea and really am in the mood for photos try going someplace and think of the feeling you do a self portrait that will tell that feeling..

hope they helped a bit...

feel free to view my site it may give you some ideas of your own

-- chad coombs` (, March 18, 2004.

Dawn: NOTHING TO PHOTOGRAPH? OHHHH,yes there is! Pick an object, then get closer, then closer still, then really close! Photos will jump out at you. Summer events, water fights, school chums, family, and that is just for the first 5 minutes. You are only limited by your imagination. Nww, go have fun!

-- carl crosby (, April 09, 2004.

Hello Dawn and all the NEW Photographers,

Here are a few more tips that may help.

Do you enjoy the High School sports in your area ? Talk with the coaches, ask them if you could work with the teams and take photo's for them.

As you may like model photo. talk with the cheerleaders and or others at your school to pose for you. Great way to LEARN "How To" deal with people, how to pose, which films work best, backgrounds,effects of different filters, do some in low light, add movement etc.

Do they race cars, local track ? Go there and talk with drivers and crews, offer a photo shoot for them with FREE photo's. Build from that and then charge. Once people see your work and it's good..they will be glad to pay.

Are you in Farm country ? Do a collection of farm tractors, or other equipment you find interesting. Look at it from many directions, find the position that makes it stand out, something different. Do close ups, etc.

Do you like animals ? Set up a bird feeder, gouge out a small hidden hole in a limb, place bird food in this, pre set camera , attach a long shutter release cable and sit back and wait. Hide in a blind or set it up outside your bedroom window.

Do they have a pet store near-by, ask the manager if you could expand your skills by photographing some of the critters. Like "snakes".. take them outside and place them in what should appear a natural enviroment. Be sure they don't bite !! Always work with a knowledgeable person while your photographing these critters.

Do you have a local fishing hole, catch them making the big catch. Do birthday parties, weddings,let them know your new, even offer to do it FREE or at least charge for the ones they like. Learn !

Do anything where people gather, always have a business card ready. People will begin to see your work and the word will get out. Then you can charge the bigger fees and and be selective as to what YOU want to do.

Find the old people in town, ask to do their photo. Save !! Find the new born, now put a booklet together of both. Find the old buildings, the new. Old cars, new. Place all this together and advertise in local paper. Take a copy to Major. Advertise in local paper.

Talk with local paper, ask if you can assist there staff photographers.

Starting to see...

Hope this helps a bit.


-- Stephen Zeigler (, September 04, 2004.

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