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Anybody ever have their F4 engines backfire on them? If so, is there a reason for this? Only happened once but once is enough. Any worry about damage or anything? Rode the bike twice since then and all seems fine.

-- John Peters (, November 03, 2003


no need to worry. your bike is running rich, which is way better than lean. get it checked at the next service interval.

-- mod (, November 04, 2003.

I actually have had mine backfire a few times. In fact, it had a huge backfire during a ride the other day. I think mine is due to the fact that the mid-pipe slightly cracked and I have an exhaust leak.

-- Pete (, November 03, 2003.

Don't worry at all! my EVO3 used to do Backfiring due to rich running, after the 6000 Km. check i made my Mech adjust the carburation & Co2 emission, now everything runs smooth.

I noticed that usually new MV comes from the factory in too rich running condition, you're the 7Th person i hear (including me) that had this problem, i just wonder why this happens so often.

Ciao, Paolo

-- Paolo (, November 06, 2003.

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