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I've got a kevlar solo canoe that I'd like to trade for a wherry, pod, or dory set up for fixed-seat rowing. Ability to accept a drop-in rigger would be a great plus, but by no means necessary.

Specification: Mad River Independence Kevlar Expedition layup (in tealish green) Ash Gunwhales Length 15'4" Width (at gunwhale) 28" Width (at WL) 30"

The canoe is in like-new condition, 1.5 years old. I've paddled it 3-4 times, but a shoulder injury prevents me from paddling without pain (luckily, rowing actually helps). It's been stored indoors, on it's own rack and maintained with several application of 303 to the hull and tung oil to the gunwhales.

It's currently setup for kneeling (the factory setup) but I'll also throw in an extra seat-hanger if you want to hang the seat lower, for sit-n-switch or for use with a double-bladed paddle.

This boat goes for $1750 new, so given it's condition and age, I'm looking to trade for something in the $1000 - $1500 range (although I'm willing to consider other offers).

Anyone interested?

If so, drop me an e-mail. I can provide photographs.

-- Steve Wagner (, November 03, 2003

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