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I'm both a Boris Vian and Philip K. Dick's fan. I know that Vian translated some novels of science fiction to french, mainly the ones by Van Vogt. He loved science fiction and there are some essays he wrote concerning science fiction (and I have not been able to read them). I've found some similarities (just a few of them) between Vian and Dick. Do you think they knew of each other? is there a place in which Vian talks about Dick or conversy? do you think that Vian read Dick and/or Dick read Vian? How popular was Boris Vian in America up to 1950? well Dick died in 1982 and Vian became so popular from 1962 or so. But when the first Boris Vian's books were translated into english? sorry if I asked so many questions.

-- Gerardo Acosta (, November 03, 2003

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