Where can I find a used reliable elevator in the US

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Hi, Im constructing a 5 story high building in Mexico, and im trying to find out if it is possible to locate a used, reliable elevator supplier.

Please help if possible.


-- Adolfo Balderas (adolfoabalderas@yahoo.com), November 02, 2003


dont bother...total waste of time...stop being a cheapskate ....I suppose u forgot u had to put in an elevator and now u r suffering the consequenses

-- dayle (daylebrenda@iprimus.com.au), November 03, 2003.

Hi There With todays labor rates and Attorneys lurking around every corner installing used complete elevators in the US is not praticle. But in other countries it is. I have torn out motion controlers and generators and resold them, reinstalled them with motions support and passed all inspections. Once I took out a complete elevtor and loaded it into a container box and shipped it to the phillipines, (my favorite country outside the US) With a new traction machine costing $6000 and up, used equip for another country this might be attractive. The machine,car sling, safety plank, governor,door operator,doors and if it is a simple relay controler might be able to be reused. The key is to have a demo contractor to remove the equipment without a torch and a trucking co set up for this and a job close to the border is helpful also. Remember a well built and designed relay controler even used will outlast any solid state controler. There are plenty still running after 100 years. I have seen many jobs after a mod have more calls than before the mod. Jim

-- Jim (elevator555@hotmail.com), November 03, 2003.

I have 2 avaiable they are both Otis ,one is for freight and the other for personel. They are in excellent working order .My phone # is (406)257-1569 this in Montana ,USA

-- matthew gelinas (kathleen002@centurytel.net), January 27, 2004.

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