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If we hang the car to the diverting pully and the cownterweight to the sheave ( reverse as usual ) is there any possible problem ( in traction force for example)

-- Fadi Raslan (, November 02, 2003



-- dayle (, November 02, 2003.

Reverse suspension.

If the system can take the static and dynamic loads associated with the arrangement, you might be ok. But since there will likely be a larger load imposed on the deflector sheave (the counterweight is a fixed weight, whereas the car can be heavier than the counterweight) than normal, I would suggest that you hire a competent engineer to do the calc's and make recommendations if necessary. Hate to get a cracked sheave, worn-out bearings, or other mischief due to overloading or other inintentional consequences.

-- Steve (, November 02, 2003.

No, i have experienced so many projects with your mentioned arrangement, and there would be no problems for them. but as the same case for the conventional cases-diverting pully on the CWT side, we should always design the shafts and the bearings precisly.

-- Ali S. Ghasemi (, November 10, 2003.

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