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hello every body, can anyone give me information about how much torque we have to give bolts at fish plates(car guide rails jointing posion). one more question is how the motor hp is calculated based on passenger capacity.(like we are using 5 hp motor for 6 passenger lift) how technically we have to calculate it) pl. give answer. thanks ravi.

-- ravi (, November 01, 2003


Im not in construction..but in service you torque them up to however strong u are...and the strength of the spanner....

-- dayle (, November 02, 2003.

Motor horsepower requirements for elevators and lifts is determined by capacity, out of balance equipment weight, payload and operating speed. (i.e. - Total Lift Force X Speed) Other considerations include gearbox losses and overload requirements for acceleration.

-- Don Vollrath (, November 06, 2003.

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