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i want to get the best quality i can from the pd150 mini dv camera for a short i will be shooting..better quality meaning...great and perfect color and the right light for daytime shoots as well as night shoots. i realize that the iris and basic lighting is an option but i was wondering if there was any helpfull additional tips you can provide.


-- monicaq tanksley (tuffwinz@yahoo.com), October 31, 2003


hello I have used PD 150 for a while when I was in school here in vancovuer, and its a great camera, try to use shutter speed and when u want to have some high speed effect try to go down on shutter speed, make sure u do proper white balance and if u want to change tone then take some other color and do white balance on that. if you can manage a diffuser filter or softner filter that will be extra help.And keep Zebra on that will tell you of iris control limits

-- Aziz Dhamani (azizdhamani@hotamil.com), November 13, 2003.

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