If it was always spring (poetry)

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If It Was Always Spring

Every spring when the ground renews,

and tiny flowers begin showing through,

I find myself saying the same thing,

“I wish it was always spring”.

Yet in my heart I really don’t,

If I can keep spring, I really won’t.

For if I did I would miss,

the gift of each season’s kiss.

If it was always spring there would never be a crop,

Nor would there ever be a nut to drop,

The sycamore would never make it’s seed ball,

nor would it’s leaves ever fall.

If it was always spring ne’er a baby would be born,

but rather just carried, still unformed.

The would be no first smile or coo,

just bumping and kicking like they do.

If it was always spring there would never be,

That time of life full of family,

Nor would there be so many things

No vows, or kisses, or wedding rings.

“If it was always spring” you say,

no one would ever go away,

and pain and death would never come,

just beauty and joy until your numb.

But if it was always spring those you love.

would never have been given from above,

No one to hug or kiss or just be fond of.

And no one to fly away to heaven like a dove.

-- Little Bit Farm (littlebit@itlnet.net), October 31, 2003

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