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I'm an adult player for fun. Not performing. I thought I'd give it a try to learn Beethoven's Sonata in E Flat. I think it's a great powerful, fast,loud song. Unlike the stuff I usually play which is more soft classical. I've memorized it. I usually hit the right notes playing it at moderate speed. My hands no longer get too fatigued at the end of the song. But it still sounds bad and I'm not getting close to proper speed. I've been practicing it about five months and am wondering why I'm stalling out. I'm making the assumption that if I keep at it that it's just one of those songs that will take a year or more before it sounds like it's supposed to. Any suggestions?

-- Kevin M. Connelly (, October 30, 2003


Yes, it could be that it will take a year or more to get it sounding the way you want it to sound. I suggest taking a break from it for a month or so, then going back to it and re-working it at a very slow, relaxed tempo. Relaxed. Relax the tempo and relax yourself. Most problems with piano-playing are a result of tension. Keep your fingers firm, but relax your arms and shoulders on every chord, every octave, every note. Then gradually let yourself speed up. I usually play pieces better the second time I learn them.

-- anon (, December 27, 2003.

- Usually, a stalling problem stems from unstable timing. Sometimes because you need to apply specific fingering sequences.

- You may attempt to polish up in segments rather than just playing through the piece to complete it. This will allow you a more focussed practice. It will also stimulate your inner hearing to produce color tones. Forget about applying the correct tempo. Best to clean up first. That is, aim for accuracy. Foremost, have fun!

-- June Ryan (, December 29, 2003.

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