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I am hoping to mulch partly with Pecan Hulls this year, as Pecans are a crop around here. It is my Goal to get everything under mulch for the winter. Wish me luck, because this is going to require a lot of mulch. I have one 60x60' plot, and one 30x60' plot. Is there ANYbody out there who has managed to find enough mulch for this much Territory? I sometimes feel that I could haul mulch 7 days a week and still not have enough. However, it is the only practical method for controlling weeds.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, October 30, 2003


Hi Lil Bit! I've been gathering leaves here. Does the city or towns around you sweep up the leaves off the curb? If so, see if you can talk the drivers into trading you a load of leaves for say .... cookies? Worked for me till the city began to make their own mulch to sell. I'd pay $20 bucks for another big load of those leaves. At least rake up your own. I rake them into a long windrow and then rake them on to a big blue tarp and drag them over to the garden behind the truck. I got a pretty good bunch yesterday just from the small area behind the house. Took me a few hours, but like you, I can't get enough mulch.

BTW, pecan hulls? Don't go barefoot next year. ouch!

-- John in S. IN (, October 30, 2003.

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