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Is anyone looking into buying the new mv F4 1000? Does anyone think its worth it?

-- AP (, October 29, 2003


I'll be getting one although I'm yet undecided as to which configuration. I've really enjoyed my F4 and am certain the 1000 will offer just as many smiles per mile as the 750, maybe more!

My vote is YES it is worth it....

-- Eric (, October 29, 2003.

well i've had the F4 for 3.5 years and loved it. the thought of 1000cc is mouthwatering and my name is on the list!

-- fraser butters (, October 30, 2003.

Is it worth it? Well, I think that depends on the price. I heard that the Mille's will sell for $18,900 (current price of the 750). If that's the case DEFINITELY. And even if it's going for $22,000, I think it would be consistent with what we paid for the 750.

I haven't jumped on a waiting list yet. I may in about a year (and put my MV for sale...again). I want to see what happens in terms of real delivery. I don't think I could wait two years (like many Brutale owners have) for the Mille to show up. Fortunately, with Proton buying a share of MV, I'm more confident in the delivery and reliability. :)

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Az) (, October 30, 2003.

with a buying price of 15,000 euro here in Italy, I'll definately being getting on just blue or yellow? definately blue

-- bill (, October 31, 2003.

I'm defintly looking to purhase one.. Hey Bill, do you have any good contacts in Italy?

-- Tabari (, November 07, 2003.

Hi guys,

I have a very good contact in naples, Italy. I presently live in Japan, but I'm Italian.

The F4 1000 I bough is going to be delivered by March, and we're looking at just over 18000 for a 1+1 (including 20% VAT). So the retail price with no TAX should be around 15000 Euro, with short term delivery.

Hope it helps!



-- Tommaso (, January 26, 2004.

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