Highest trestle or bridge

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Can anyone identify the highest trestle/bridge that was on the ACL? SAL? The 'belt line' James River bridge at Richmond (ACL from mid-span southward...mid-span northward was RF&P) has to be in the running per the ACL.

-- Greg Hodges (lynnhodges@earthlink.net), October 29, 2003


The highest span on the [former] SAL is the Tar River bridge south of Kittrell, NC, on the [now stub end] Norlina Subdivision. It was built by SCL to replace an all steel span erected by the SAL. When it opened (early in my railroad career, so it had to be 1977-78), the company news letter said it was the highest span on the old SAL.

-- doug riddell (railroaddoug@erols.com), October 30, 2003.

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