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Just a quick question, how many people on this message board were repossessed from a property owned by a landlord, what was the process? were you allowed to stay in the property as long as you paid the rent etc. Were the papers served at the property ? Were you aware that the Landlord was in difficulty? Any expriences gratefully received.


-- John (, October 28, 2003


Funnily enough ... when our house was repossessed we rented a property from Wayne Larkins, at that time a professional cricketer who played for Northants. When we'd been there for about 2 months two "collectors" showed up and, to cut a long story short, although we went to court the judge granted vacant possession to the building society. We were given 4 weeks to get out. There were no arrears at any time on our part on this particular property. Hope this helps.

-- Brian Mitchell (, October 29, 2003.

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