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I have dover/turnbull elevator equipment and I need to replace several 1-3/8" square floor position indicators as well as the call buttons inside and out of the car.

Are there available parts new and or used? If so, who has these parts?

Any help is appreciated.

-- ShaunParsons (, October 28, 2003


Hi There Try contacting Delco in BC 604-580-2443, that might be an old number but try it, Turnbull was big in the late 1960s with 22 offices and they grew to big and went bust and dover bought them for 30 million, thats were the word Traflomatic came from. If number no good try internet for delco. Jim

-- Jim (, October 29, 2003.

We stock the complete buttons and all parts for the Turnbull mechanical and touch buttons.


-- patrick a carrajat (, November 22, 2003.

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