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Can anyone help me. Been searching the net for days with no luck. thank you

-- glenn dudley (, October 27, 2003


Having had the same problem I emailed La Cimbali direct, explained that I had bought a second hand M30 Classic and within 24 hours I had the complete manual. I'll send it on to you. Regards Col

-- Colin McCosh (, November 04, 2003.

I would appreciate a copy also, if someone can forward one to me.


-- A. Rudolph (, March 20, 2004.

Massimo Bresin at Roma Espresso deals with high end machines like La Cimbali, as well as Lavazza, Rosito Bisani, Dada, and others. He may have your manual. You can get his contact info on his website...

-- David Lugo (, May 27, 2004.

Can I get one too?

-- Thomas Kaup (, February 07, 2005.

Please. Can I have one copy too. Thank you.

-- Ricardo Ramirez (, February 20, 2005.

Hello, I have an M30 as well and could use a copy of the manual if someone would be so kind. Thank you!

-- Dustin Boling (, March 12, 2005.

another Cimbali owner here. i'd love to have a copy too if possible. Thanks!

-- taylor stephens (, March 14, 2005.

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