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If anyone's seen any Straylight Run sheet music for piano, particularly "Existentialism" or any song really, I've been dying to find it

-- D. L. (, October 26, 2003


Piano for Straylight Run

Hey, I'm looking for the same thing. I'll let you know if I find anything. Let me know if you do as well. Thanks

-- Chris (, October 30, 2003.

Straylight Run sheet music

Oh if anyone finds Straylight Run sheet music... or writes it out or something... PLEASE e-mail me. I'm going to attempt to write it out... at least "A Slow Descent" and "Existentialism on Prom Night". Thanks.

-- Sarah (, November 12, 2003.

Straylight Run and the search

if you work something out, or figure it out e-mail me (

Man...everyone is really dying to find this piano tab. If I knew how to play well enough, I'd do it...

-- Lauraevelyn (, January 07, 2004.


me too.. i REALLY want either tabs or sheet music for straylight run.. especially existentialism on prom night --sam

-- Sam (, November 24, 2003.


go to and go to straylight run.. they have the tab

-- melissa (, December 21, 2003.

Straylight run is the shizzle

if someone can send me any type of straylight run sheet music that would be awesome, even if its not finished it would still be awesome thank you

-- Lance Burton (, November 26, 2003.

im looking too, ive been working on it myself, so ill get back to you all

-- tommy (, November 28, 2003.

about straylight sheets

the problem you're going to run into finding sheets for artists like stryalight run is that most sheet music is produced by major labels and companies with direct ties to major labels and publishers, because of the high cost and low return on publishing sheet music.

there are possibilities of finding sheets online and such that someone has transcribed by ear or tab into a computer program and made available. sometimes these are excellent. sometimes not.

unfortunately most indie labels dont produce sheet music for their artists =/

but good luck finding something suitable

-- nick d (, December 23, 2003.

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